IBSA Members and Families Enjoying Nicco Water Park

IBSA members had a lovely time at the various rides and attractions of Nicco Park, before the crowds started pouring in, thanks to our Vice-President Mr Rajive Kaul, the Chairman of Nicco Park. They enjoyed a good amount of sea waves at the artificial wave pool, before getting a soothing head and back massage under the artificial Niagara Falls. Our President Dr Sandip Chatterjee and Mr Kaul lead the way to try some of the exhilarating rides at the water park, and egged some of the younger members to join them, who finally did overcome their fear, to try the super exhilarating and newly built crusader ride and the family swirl ride. Finally they joined other members at the cafeteria over some beer and snacks, for a lazy noon “adda”. After this, the members headed to the Nicco Board Room, for a IBSA committee meeting over some lip-smacking Chinese food, where the President and Vice-President invited the other members to join as well. We thank Mr Rajive Kaul for his unending hospitality.